Complaints procedure

Complaints and Redress Scheme

At Inner Estate we always aim to provide you with the best possible service and experience with us. However, we understand that in some instances you may not be fully satisfied and will want to make a complaint. As a first step we always encourage you to make an informal and verbal complaint directly with one of our members of staff at the agency. If this does not resolve the problem, then please follow the formal complaint procedure.

Stage One: Branch Manager

If you have not had a satisfactory response from a verbal complaint, we ask you to send concise details of your complaint in writing including:


Once you have sent this to us via our email we will send you a receipt of acknowledgment of your complaint within three working days and give you an estimate as to when you can expect a full reply which istypicallywithin 21 days.  During this time, we will be conducting a full internal investigation into your complaint and will conclude by explaining what actions we have taken or will take in order to resolve your complaint.

We hope that this will satisfy your complaint and we can close the case. However, if you are still not fully satisfied please see Stage Two.

Stage Two: Director

If you are still not satisfied that your complaint has been fully resolved after a verbal complaint and Stage One, we ask that you request your case to be assessed by the director. Once you have done this the director will review your case and write back to you within 10 days of receiving your complaint with a final decision.

Still not satisfied?

If you decide that you are still not fully satisfied after exhausting our internal complaints procedure you can reach out to make a formal complaint on The Property Redress Scheme. Details about this scheme can be obtained through us upon request.